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Harvey has passed

Hurricane Harvey has passed and left parts of Houston is total chaos.
We were Staying at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe when the hurricane hit, we stayed put in our motor home listening to the torrential downpour. There was over 140 tornado warnings issued in a three day period.
We were supposed to move to Thousand Trails Colorado River, but that park completely flooded and they don’t know when they will reopen, so we just stayed put where we were.
I finally took out the vinyl cutting machine that I bought almost 2 years ago and we played with it for awhile. It was easier to operate then I thought it would be. We made some decals to put on the spare tire cover of the toad and they came better then we expected.
We decided to get a heat press and try our hand at customizing T-Shirts, Debi got real good at working the computer program for the vinyl cutter and applying the decals to T-Shirts with the heat press.
Se decided, since we have so much time on our hands, that we would start a new enterprise and so D & E Designs in Vinyl was born. You can see it here..  check us out and let us know what you think.


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