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Attention RV Business owners


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ed Hurlburt I am the owner and admin of a Facebook group called “RV Tips” we have 73,000+ members. My group is all about Rvers Helping Rvers. It’s a great group with really great members. I would like to reward them for being such a great group, and at the same time help you fill empty spaces. I have just recently adopted a Logo in decal form for the members to attach on their rigs and personal vehicles. They also get a member card.

What I would like to do is get campgrounds and other RV related businesses like yourself to offer a discount to our “RV Tips” members. There would NOT be any cost to you at all, all you would have to do is offer a discount when our member club card is presented.

The amount of discount and any exclusions would be entirely up to you.

Your interest in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank You for your time

Ed Hurlburt


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